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Episode 19 (Season 2) - When Chuski Pop Met Chai Tea Party

Episode 19 (Season 2) - When Chuski Pop Met Chai Tea Party

Our world is full of cool combinations, such as vodka and lassi, jalebi and ghathia (heavy on the food examples, are we?), Kajol and Shah Rukh (ah hah), Deepika and Ranveer (now we talking!), and so on...

Its only natural that in time the orbits of Chuski Pop would aligned with those of yet another cool-brown-girl-dynamic-duo, Chai Tea Party. Like all modern romances, this one started on Instagram (not on Tinder, but totally could!) and after weeks of DM back and forth, it blossomed into this 'especial, ek dum kadak, garma-garam' bonus episode. Bacchis and bacchas, we give you the Chuski Pop and the Chai Tea Party collab EP! (OMG! I JUST REALIZED THAT BOTH OF US HAVE FOOD NAMES! 😱)

Shamma and Tiffany make up CTP, and like Pappu and Sweety they live double-agent lives. Which means that they are two accomplished women with day jobs, who podcast in their spare time. Recorded and broadcasted from Detroit, these girls cover a wide gamut of weighty topics, such as mental health, domestic v