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  • 4 years ago
Blood Libel against the Jews

Blood Libel against the Jews

Blood Libel against the Jews

"The claim that the State of Israel is deliberately killing innocent people in Gaza is worse than merely a damn lie which it is. This vicious charge crosses into the territory of the type of blood libel that was lodged against Jews in Medieval times by Christians and Muslims who claimed that Jews were kidnapping and murdering their babies in order to use their blood to bake bread" says radio talk show host and author Chuck Morse.

While I certainly don't agree, I nevertheless understand that Hamas and to a degree the Palestinians and their Muslim supporters have resorted to this type of atrocity propaganda. They use words like slaughter, pogrom and Holocaust to describe the Israeli defense against the unprovoked aggression emanating out of Gaza.

What I don't understand is why so-called progressives, people who seemingly have no skin in the game, have echoed the blood libel against the Jews. I noticed at a pro-Hamas rally I attended in Boston that