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The Minors: Hosea: Scandalous Love: Mike Woodruff

The Minors: Hosea: Scandalous Love: Mike Woodruff

Over the next few weeks we’re going to dive into a collection of books you’ve probably just skipped over – the minor prophets. They have difficult names – like Habakkuk and Haggai. They are called “minor prophets” – so they sound unimportant, but they can be pretty heavy – a fair bit of gloom and doom, so a lot of people skip them. But that is a mistake, listen as Mike Woodruff dives into these short books of the bible, and brings to light the cultural relevance that transcends time and society. Most of the Minor Prophets were written after Israel turned its back on God, which means… they were written for people who have turned their back on God. And if you have ever turned your back on God – if you have ever messed up and are looking for some advice about the way back – this is a series for you.