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How To Get Unstuck

How To Get Unstuck

What are the things that keep you from being phenomenal?

What keeps you from being great?

If you think about it like a car, you’ve got a brake pedal and a gas pedal – is your foot on the gas or the brake?
Most people have an idea of what holds them back but for some reason they don’t think of it actually slowing down their life.

These “brake pedals” could be keeping you from doing great things.

So… here’s what I want you to do:
Get our a pen and paper. (I want this to be visual.)

Using the Wheel of Life as a guide, I want you to ask yourself, “What’s slamming on the breaks?”. Do this in each area.

What are the things in the financial area that is holding you back?
What’s slamming on your breaks in the spiritual area of your life?
Are you exercising?
Do you feel great?
Do you not feel smart enough?
Do you not feel good enough?
Are they telling you you can
Are they controlling?
Are they abusive?
Do you have good people in your life?
Are you