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144: Busting The Poverty Mindset

144: Busting The Poverty Mindset


Over this past weekend, I got a little frustrated. I was flipping through the Facebook feed, and there was a video of somebody talking about how poor people are kept poor.

I've got to tell you, I was so frustrated listening to this guy, and knowing that there are people out there that are clicking this and telling themselves, "Yeah, this guy is so right! Of course, there is a system in place that keeps me poor. There is a system that keeps me held down!"

We found so many businesses and leaders that have been struggling with this. I want to help you get to a place of leading your team members, maybe even helping yourself. Maybe this is you if you as a leader or struggling with this. So let's BUST this myth:

1. As a leader, it is your job to make your team successful.
Let them know that there is an opportunity for them to absolutely hustle and win with money. You have to show them, and be willing to pay someone