5 months ago

After working on my “Another Day” LP for more than two years, it was finally released on Nov 19th via my all-time favourite label, Mute Records.
Once more, I was lucky to work with the amazing Ralf Hildenbeutel, a genius musician, studio wizard and someone who has been an inspiration for me since the early days of techno. We worked with several highly talented vocalists such as the late Miles Cooper Seaton, Ladan, Tom Adams, Maria Uzor and Polly Scattergood. They have taken our music to a whole new level. Even label boss Daniel Miller involved himself in the finishing touches and mix-down of the album, to such an extent that we can proudly call him the executive producer of this long-player.
Even though we were done with the final mastering in March, we had to be patient as the vinyl production can easily take six months nowadays and that´s why it´s even more incredible to have the finished product in my hands now. I couldn't be happier with the result of this great collaboration of diverse and gifted individuals. So, that´s why I thought it would be nice to give away a few CDs and records to my much beloved and faithful Mixcloud community, with my most sincere gratitude and appreciation.
To celebrate the release, I am publishing a very special AMFM show which contains the whole album along with me explaining the evolution and production process of each track in my VoiceOver:
If you would like to win a “Another Day” CD or vinyl and hear the whole thing without talking, you can participate in the competition by simply writing a comment under this post. Everyone who writes a comment will automatically take part in the raffle. I am excited to hear what you think about ”Another Day” and look very much forward to your comments. I hope you enjoy listening!

- 2 x 2x12“ “Another Day“ vinyl LP
- 2 x “Another Day“ CD
- additional to each CD or vinyl: 1x “Another Day“ t-shirt of your size