Contact Wave w/guests SheKhan and Tyler Hubby (03.05.17)

Contact Wave w/guests SheKhan and Tyler Hubby (03.05.17)

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Contact Wave w/guests SheKhan and Tyler Hubby (03.05.17)
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Chris Kissel

This week’s episode features a look at the life and career of Tony Conrad with Tyler Hubby, the director of the new film "Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present."

The episode also includes an interview and guest DJ set from Kathleen Kim and Kelly Coats of SheKhan. SheKhan draws upon Kim and Coats’ years of collaborative experimental composition and improvisation to create beat driven interlocking harmonies of flute, violin, vocals, mandocaster, synth, effects and more.

**Tyler Hubby Interview**

Tony Conrad with Faust — The Side of the Machine
Tony Conrad and Hangedup — Panorama from Maxwell Montes
Glorias Navales — Noche de San Juan
Halo Valley — Beneath the Paving

**SheKhan Guest DJ Set**
howardAmb — Devotional
Embarrassing Powers
L.A. Fog — Embarrassing Powers
Mercury Rev — Boys Peel Out
Caberet Voltaire — NAGNAGNAG (Akufen’s Karaoke Slam Mix)
Kreidler — Alphabet
Kraftwerk — Ruckzuck
Lonnie Liston Smith — Expansions


Playing tracks by Tony Conrad with Faust, Tony Conrad and Hangedup, Glorias Navales, Halo Valley, SheKhan and more.