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Randy Maugans Interviews James Horak

Randy Maugans Interviews James Horak

James C. Horak returns to OffPlanet Radio for a live hour of discussions related to the paranormal, including his take on the current revisions to the UK Rendlesham Forest incidents of 1980; the dissembling of the UFO research community, information re-written and "disappeared"; the presence of ET craft in the skies and the psychic blocks that prevent the average person from seeing them; the split consciousness of people on Earth; alternate time lines and convergence? The true nature of time anomalies, gravity waves, astrological factors; Ames researcher, Dr. Norman Bergrund's work on NASA images that reveal EMVs in the rings of Saturn, the "ringmakers of Saturn" EMVs are intelligent energy "managers" and creators of the galaxy; much more distinctly "off planet" takes on science and the state of humanity.