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Episode 2 - 16 - The Infection Spreads

Episode 2 - 16 - The Infection Spreads

The gang has wandered into a bizarre wasteland full of crystals which spread at a glacial yet steady pace. What's worse, Burt's body seems to be turning into crystal, and he's trying to infect Kiki! Meanwhile, the crystal constructs in the courtyard continue to fight! Will the gang mend this mineral malady, or will they become the source of a new, virulent curse? Or will they join the former inhabitants of the wasteland as ambulatory crystal sculptures? Find out in this week's episode!

SCHEDULING NOTE! Chaotic Neutral will be going to bi-weekly uploads for the next month or so, just until the DM can get his schedule in order. Weekly uploads will continue as soon as we can make it happen. Thanks for listening!

Chaotic Neutral is a Live Play, Actual Play, or Real Play (they keep coming up with new ways to describe it) Dungeons and Dragons Podcast as recorded by a bunch of crazy, drunken, foul-mouthed adults. Not to be used as a baby-sitter.

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