VIR-tual chambermusic - DJ ThorMan

VIR-tual chambermusic - DJ ThorMan

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VIR-tual chambermusic - DJ ThorMan
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Today (2020-03-21) our "chamber music at ground zero" party should have taken place.
Thanks to Corona this event had to be canceled - #staythefuckhome

So we go virtual and present you 3 mixes from the DJs that would have been playing tonight.
Enjoy over 3 hours of oldschool-industrial, noise, angstpop, neo folk, synthwave, dark techno

This mix is from DJ ThorMan.
It's a classic oldschool chamber music at ground zero mix with good old (almost psychedellic) industrial, noise, angstpop and dark ambient. Imagine our basement completely filled with fog by our good old fog machine so you just can see the slowly changing darkred and blue lights from above and nothing else...

Keep healthy, play it loud and enjoy!


Playing tracks by Objekt/Urian, Maska Genetic, Wermut, Deutsch Nepal, Trepaneringsritualen and more.

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Bernardo Troux

Great mix - let's hope that our next party will take place in real ;-)


Great Mix

Chamber Music

Objekt/Urian - High Roller (Live Maschinenfest 2012)
Maska Genetic – Ernste Stunde (2011)
Wermut – Winter 1998 (Total Re-make, 2014)
Deutsch Nepal – Deflagration Of Hell (1991)
Trepaneringsritualen – A Black Egg (2014)
Inade - The Coming Of The Black Legions (1993)
Reutoff - Strafe [20-11 Version] (Live ZZ IV 2013)
Bad Sector – Austen (2015)
Blackhouse – Answers For You (1986)
Objekt/Urian - The Price We Have To Pay (2007)
Sol Invictus – Wolf Age Axe Age (1988)
SPK – Slogun (1979)
Propergol – Outburst (2000)
Haus Arafna – He Colored Me Blind (1995)
Antlers Mulm – City Burns (2011)
Herz Jühning – To The Stars (2014)
Objekt/Urian – Lebenswille (2010)

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