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Main Idea:
Walk in the ___________________________ by pursuing a life that is _____________________________________.

Ice breaker: Share about one of the best decisions you’ve ever made
1. Read Romans 12:1. How does keeping God’s mercy in view affect your door-choosing or decision-making process?

2. Read Romans 12:1 again. How have you grown in living a God-pleasing life? What motivates you to do this?What has the result been for you?

3. Read Romans 12:2 and discuss. Share about a time when familiar, worldly decision- making patterns led to
choosing a door in your life that was not a good door.

4. Read Romans 12:2 again and discuss. What are some specific things you do or could do to experience more of
the ‘renewing of the mind’ in keeping with what was shared in the message?

5. Read Psalm 38:2 and Isaiah 30:21 and discuss. Share an experience where you engaged that ‘AGG’ guidance of God in your life. How did that help you choose the door that was best?