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  • 2 years ago
Why It’s Tough to Fire Yourself, with Frank Bria

Why It’s Tough to Fire Yourself, with Frank Bria

Listen to the Episode Below: 
For small business founders, your business is your baby. You’ve been with it since the beginning, putting in the late hours, pulling the extra weight. Growth comes from maintaining your success, and in order to do that, you will have to find an effective way to scale your business. But how can you do that with a service business--when there aren't enough Starbucks espresso shots you can fit into a venti cup to get the job done yourself?
Two words: Fire. Yourself. Listen in as entrepreneurial veteran Frank Bria helps us wraps our minds around the 3 main pillars of scaling a service business:  Automate, Systematize and "Productize" (yes, that's a word). We discuss how learning to understand your audience, creating an authority out of your business, and evolving your mindset will help both you and your business continue to grow.
Episode Highlights:
Why do many service businesses have trouble with the concept of scaling?  
What does it mean to “productize th