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  • 4 years ago
05 - Release the Kraken

05 - Release the Kraken

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Coming up on this episode…
Auroria is on the horizon
Is The White Order a sign of the apocalypse?  
All that and more, coming up, next!
News Update
Land Grab Fixes
“Additionally, we’re proposing new methods for land claiming to XLGAMES that will remove the benefit of fastest ping or most clicks per second.” -Scapes
Auroria is coming
Lots of info posted on reddit.
ForestCrow Guild Member Nekos Banned
A video posted by streamer of Nekos running away at ridiculous speeds with a trade pack on resulted in a permaban.
Archum tree removed from Mirage isle
Bots were abusing
Gold Farming, Scamming and RMT
In any game where virtual currency can be used to buy stuff, there will always be people willing to bend or break the rules to get it.  Some will even pay others in real money to obtain virtual goods.
Even in games where RMT is not built-in, there’s going to be RMT.
EVE allows the purchase of characters via ISK, which in