We Are Happened / 17th December 2020

We Are Happened / 17th December 2020

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We Are Happened / 17th December 2020
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We Are Happened Reflections on Year 2020: Five artists based in different parts of the world share their experiences and reflections on the year 2020. Thoughts from Darren McClure (Japan), Atte Elias Kantonen (Finland), Pantea (Iran), Stephen McEvoy (Denmark) and Mira Martin-Gray (Canada) along with their unreleased work and music from Phil Julian, KMRU, Kali Malone and Upward. 

A monthly discussion exploring and understanding the niche of experimental and electronic music. || http://www.wearehappened.com/ || @WeAreHappened || Broadcast on 17th December 2020 at CAMP || http://listen.camp


Playing tracks by Phil Julian, KMRU, Atte Elias, Kali Malone, Tuuun and more.