Vulpiano Records / 30th September 2020

Vulpiano Records / 30th September 2020

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Vulpiano Records / 30th September 2020
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An international tour through the eclectic Vulpiano Records catalog and its inspirations. Presented by Marilyn Roxie. || || Broadcast on 30th September 2020 at CAMP ||


Playing tracks by Kaelin Bougneit & Devon Ford, Brevyn, Le Fils des Trois Mousquetaires, guinpens, Lately Kind of Yeah and more.


Marilyn Roxie

Kaelin Bougneit & Devon Ford - Adrien
Brevyn - Entering the Citadel
Le Fils des Trois Mousquetaires - Black Beauty
guinpens - Creepshow
Lately Kind of Yeah - Woolsey
Branch Line Idols - Decision For You
Delicasession - Soar
King Elizabeth - Girls & Boys
ish10 yow1r0 - the sky looks so close, but it's far
Enrico Falbo - Planktón
Zapa - Three Mile Rock (Labrador)
Ava Zandieh - Everything is Nothing
Marilyn Roxie - Raphael
Golden Grey - Greenish Blue
Florian Decros - Sun Tan Lines
Osiris Saline - Weird John Malkovich
J.G. Hackett - Put a Ticket On It
Nick Silva - Somewhere Way Too Far
Kariatida - Sphynx
Richey Hackett - Keep Your Eye On The Time
Natural Snow Buildings - Solar flares
My Heart, Your Thunder - Technical Attack
Xqui - Horses -
Monplaisir - retiens mon souffle
Nicolas Tourney - Sightline -
Derek Piotr - Precurs 2017
Deathbird Stories - Eidolons
Mutestare - The Golden Homunculous
Raúl Díaz Palomar - En el pozo María Luisa (instrumental)
M Gewehr - Affordable Housing
Vladimir Luchansky - Never Coming Through
Brevyn - Demented Daze