Vulpiano Records / 17th February 2021

Vulpiano Records / 17th February 2021

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Vulpiano Records / 17th February 2021
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An international tour through the eclectic Vulpiano Records catalog and its inspirations. Presented by Marilyn Roxie and Vulpiano artists. || || Broadcast on 17th February 2021 at CAMP ||


Playing tracks by Lately Kind of Yeah, Zapa, Richey Hackett, Neurotic Wreck, the narrow musketeer and more.


Marilyn Roxie


Lately Kind of Yeah - "Hustler of Obsession"
Zapa - "Words"
Richey Hackett - "Rotating On The Toothed Wheel"
Neurotic Wreck - "The Rain"
the narrow musketeer - "ripper wave"
Dyr Faser - "Estranged"
Natural Snow Buildings - "Rusty Knives Valley"
Enrico Falbo - "Del Divini"
The Paint - "Change"
Fire Island Pines - "Heaven Till You Say"
Delicasession - "Horizon"
Vladimir Luchansky - "Never Exposed, Gently Nourished"
Unsub - "Challenge Accepted"
Red Bellows - "Three.six.five"
Ian France - "High Places"
Taker 51 - "Apocalypsis (2009 Version)"
Nicolas Tourney - "Rays"
Lately Kind of Yeah - "Fountain Pen"