Vulpiano Records / 04th August 2021

Vulpiano Records / 04th August 2021

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Vulpiano Records / 04th August 2021
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An international tour through the eclectic Vulpiano Records catalog and its inspirations. Presented by Marilyn Roxie and Vulpiano artists. || || Broadcast on 04th August 2021 at CAMP ||


Playing tracks by Brevyn, Delicasession, ish10 yow1r0, Guinpens, Torre di Fine and more.


Marilyn Roxie

Brevyn - "Lullaby For Sad Porpoise"
Delicasession - "Butterfly"
ish10 yow1r0 - "i am dreaming of the day we can be together."
guinpens - "the tessy song"
Torre di Fine - ""CAORSO""
King Elizabeth - "Human Design"
Richey Hackett - "Senescence"
Rrrrrose Azerty - "dot dot dot nothing happens dot dot dot"
Nicolas Tourney - "Jetty"
Equinox x Xqui - "Pickpocket (Original Version)"
King Elizabeth - "White horses"
Richey Hackett - "Imagined Within These Hands"
Torre di Fine - ""7GOLD"""
Guinpens - "old man"
Rrrrrose Azerty - "capitalism stains everything"
Torre di Fine - "Second String (IDA4)"
Nicolas Tourney - "Unitio"
Richey Hackett - "Swimming In The Static"
Brevyn - "Seahorses"
King Elizabeth - "Desert water"
guinpens - "backstreets"
Rrrrrose Azerty - "i am the spider on the ceiling"
Enrico Falbo - "Psychostasis"