Vulpiano Records / 01st September 2021

Vulpiano Records / 01st September 2021

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Vulpiano Records / 01st September 2021
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An international tour through the eclectic Vulpiano Records catalog and its inspirations. Presented by Marilyn Roxie and Vulpiano artists. || || Broadcast on 01st September 2021 at CAMP ||


Playing tracks by The Upsetters, Takashi Kokubo, Carl Stone, Panasonic, Shygirl and more.


Marilyn Roxie

The Upsetters - "Super Ape"
Takashi Kokubo - "Dreaming in the Deep Sea"
Carl Stone - "Bojuk"
Panasonic - "Sähkötin"
Shygirl - "NVR"
Clarence Clarity - "Obsessed"
Pictureplane - "Flashion (you designed my mind)"
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - "Intrasport"
Severed Heads - "Big Car"
BTS - "Pied Piper (suzaken remix)"
Toshimaru Nakamura - "NIMB #1"
Puzzle - "I Saw An Angel"
DJ Pica Pica PIca - "The Last Sheet"
Art of Noise - "Close (To the Edit)"
Jessy Lanza - "Alexander"
Danielle Dax - "Tomorrow Never Knows"
Spirit of the Beehive - "There's Nothing You Can't Do"
Coil - "Red Birds Will Fly Out of the East and Destroy Paris in a Night"
Nick Nicely - "Hilly Fields"
Lives of Angels - "Pavilion"
HEALTH - "Body/Prison"
Luxury Elite - "Midnight"
Tom Verlaine - "Souvenir From a Dream"
Spacemen 3 - "When Tomorrow Hits"
Wipers - "Last Chance"
glaciære - "Waveform"
desert sand fields warm at night - "彼はここにいる"
Caramell - "Caramelldansen" (but it's Vocoded to Gangsta's Paradise)