Sound Poem / 29th October 2021

Sound Poem / 29th October 2021

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Sound Poem / 29th October 2021
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Monthly sound poem by violinist Hoshiko Yamane . A journey into the space of sounds focusing on strings || || Broadcast on 29th October 2021 at CAMP ||


Playing tracks by Library Tapes, Michael Gordon & Cello Octet Amsterdam, Helios, Dictaphone, Ryan Taegue and more.


Hoshiko Yamane

Track List

1.Library Tapes - Shelter ll(Revisited)
2.Michael Gordon & Cello Octet Amsterdam- 048(side D) 3.Helios - Facing West
4.Dictaphone - Island 92
5.Ryan Taegue - Scale and Ratio
6.Eraldo Bernocchi & Hoshiko Yamane - Fall
7.A Winged Victory for the Sullen - Every Solstice & Equinox 8.Brambles - Such Owls As You
9.Hammock - I Will Become the Ground You Walk On 10.Cicada - Lake’s End
11.Hoshiko Yamane - Threads
12.Jordane Tumarinsson - Elle porte l’eau
13.Carl Craig - At Les

Giuseppe Milazzo

I absolutely love this new work, Hoshiko. If you could release it on your Bandcamp page I would be most grateful. Thank you for your splendid music.