Sound Poem / 05th August 2022

Sound Poem / 05th August 2022

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Sound Poem / 05th August 2022
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Monthly sound poem by violinist Hoshiko Yamane . A journey into the space of sounds focusing on strings || || @Hoshiko Yamane || Broadcast on 05th August 2022 at CAMP ||


Playing tracks by Hoshiko Yamane, Makoto Sakamoto, Atsuko Hatano&Midori Hirano, Tangerine Dream(Hoshiko Yamane version), Arvo Pärt, Stefan Hafsteinsson and more.

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Hoshiko Yamane

1.Hoshiko Yamane, Makoto Sakamoto - tat
2.Atsuko Hatano&Midori Hirano - Cascade
3.Tangerine Dream(Hoshiko Yamane version) - Sequent ‘C’
4.Arvo Pärt - Speigel im Speigel
5.Stefan Hafsteinsson - Haltu
6.Hoshiko Yamane - Starfish(By the sea)
7.Hammock - Afraid to Forget
8.The Eye of Time - La resilience se trouve a l’Est
9.Tukico - To Be A Respective Thing
10.Eraldo Bernocchi&Hoshiko Yamane - Phenomenon 11.Brambles - Such Owls As You