Sonification / 07th September 2023

Sonification / 07th September 2023

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Sonification / 07th September 2023
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California-based Composer Devin Sarno traverses an ever changing sonic terrain. || || @devinsarno || Broadcast on 07th September 2023 at CAMP ||


Playing tracks by Fletina, seah, Lalén Rios Luna, Jo Montgomerie, Conducive and more.

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Devin Sarno

This month's show is a special guest mix from Fletina.
For more information on Fletina check out:

Fletina "From What's Gathered" (Excerpt)
seah "topography of a tree"
Lalén Ríos Luna "An Earth Thinking 4"
Jo Montgomerie "View from Snell's Window"
Conducive "Flaner"
Coagulant "Abstrations in Three Dimensions" (Excerpt)
Paul Nataraj "Happy And Yet No Peace"
Mollbury Medical Research Centre "Sector 5 (At Night)"
Micaela Trombini "Target" (Excerpt)
Black_Ops "Fugue Stage"
Patrick Corcoran "I"
Peter Wullen "Step Into The Light, Lazarus III"
Homogenized Terrestrials "Vibration 9"