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Bassline sessions Hardcore/DnB rinse

Bassline sessions Hardcore/DnB rinse

Playing tracks by

Break, Krome & time, Moby and The Funktion.

recorded live @ bassline 22/04/12 just the usual Hardcore DnB mash up


Molax Chopa

I swear ive been to this rave in secondlife! Time back!!

Camden Amen

good times :D


ANY weekend just wouldn't be THE same!
Some* Fridays are there to count on for mixes that aspire to push the end of the week past overdrive... and other Fridays just accumulate that emotional build-up needin' a momentum larger than just any audio assembly...
The Doc said "...take 2 of these..." but I say REPLAY!
... or until your system, headphones or earbuds get melded or melt and fuse wid yer body as one device sacrificed to the Mistress o' Mixes, yes :P


@ 1:16:52... Rollin' it deeper than outer space and NO trace o' bread crumbs to return me from this place; o' grace be wid me, pray that I see clearly the endlessly infinite majesty, Yeah!


Audio bliss and 55:26; increasingly becoming a Favorite; maybe THE favorite I enjoy the most; so versatile and vibrantly diverse, curse me if I shouldn't have stumbled on this any sooner than today - Magnificent!


45:24 AND wantin' mooooorrree!!! MOOOOREEE!!!


25:32 - Bringin' it All back, for a phase 2?
What a chance at resoundin' another dangerous arrangement and every reason for listenin' and readin' IN more than once; maybe even a dozen times?!
Universally appealing and yet collectively unique in all the ways a listena could reveal their own new* interest in types of music once thought uncharted,?
Gigantic doesn't even crawl beside this monster; how about troll-like envy on the scale of bean stalks to the heavens and weeks of climbing to just reach the halfway marker,?
(speechless again_31:07)


@ 15:22... [ catchin' my breath ]
The next few days could easily pass me by like a quick snap o' the eyes, but it'll be my fault for keeping this on a replay a couple times over; WOW!


( absolutely speechless until I have sumtin profound to say, lol _ 10:19)