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Genesis 50:15-21
Abraham – Isaac – Jacob (Israel) – 12 sons would be the 12 tribes of Israel.
Joseph was his father’s favorite.
This made his brother’s jealous.
God gave him dreams that he would rule over his brothers.
This made his brother’s more than jealous, they became furious.
They conspired to kill him by throwing him down a cistern.
But after they did, they became afraid of having his blood on their hands, so they pulled him out and sold him into slavery to another people.
I see Jesus being revealed on every page of the Scriptures – because this book and this world is all about him.
Joseph is a foreshadowing of Jesus.
He was sold by his own people to be done away with to another people.
He was sold for 20 shekels of silver, Jesus for 30 silver pieces.
He would suffer terribly from injustice – falsely accused, betrayed by his own people.
He teaches a lesson, like many in the Scriptures, that suffering is the path to glory.
v. 15 – “holding a grudge”
From a human standpoint, for