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The feminine heart reveals the heart of God.

God created mankind to bear his image. Somehow in the creation of gender, male and female, reflect his image.

Genesis 1:26-27

Both the man's and woman's characters are found in God's heart.
- God possess in perfection the character of men and women.
- Fused together in God's character is the strong, protective love of a man and the tender, comforting love of a mother.

Genesis 2:18-23
v. 18a. God created everyday and said, "it is good." But when he saw man without woman, he said, "it is not good."
Man needed a helper - the same term is used of the Holy Spirit, refers to some one to come beside, a help, a comforter.
v. 19. All the beasts of the field and the birds of the air and man God made from the ground.
v. 21. Woman was made from the side of man.
This shows that men and women are distinctly different from all the animals.
They uniquely bear the image of their creator.
The fact that woman was made from the man's side shows the intimac