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John 10:1-6
vv. 1-2 People are the sheep. There is a pen where they are kept to keep them from wandering and protect them from wild animals. Shepherds would often sleep across the doorway of the pen to protect the sheep. There are thieves and robbers who try to sneak in vs. the shepherd who goes in the gate. Thieves are robbers – false shepherds, false prophets, including the Pharisees and Chief Priests.
vv. 3-6 “The sheep listen to his voice.” – There would be many flocks kept together. The sheep would respond to their shepherd’s voice and go with him.
Jesus would build a new community of people who would be his. They will respond to his voice. They respond when he calls. Do you know his voice? Have you heard his call? The way to know, you respond.
“He calls his own sheep by name.”He knows his sheep by name. More important than you knowing God; He knows you. He calls you by name.
John 10:7-10
v. 7 “I am the gate” There was a gate on the pens that open to allow the sheep to go out int