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Colossians - The Supremacy and Sufficiency of Christ

Jesus Is More Than Enough

Paul wrote to the church in Colosse because of what has been termed, the Colossian heresy.
We don't know exactly what the Colossian heresy was, except by the arguments that Paul made against it.
We have to kind of reverse engineer what the false teaching was.
Over all, the heresy taught that Christ was not enough.

Ceremonialism - had strict rules about what to eat and drink and religious festivals and circumcision - like an extreme form of Judaism

It also had some aspects of something like an early form of Gnosticism
Secret knowledge - of supernatural beings
Asceticism - harsh treatment of the body, perhaps from the idea that what is physical is evil, so you should not take pleasure in physical things.

The Colossian heresy said that Jesus Christ is not enough. You have to be religious about what you eat and drink and about special religious days.
It taught Christ was not enough, you have to follow ru