in vivo 012: Essential Coachella 2014

in vivo 012: Essential Coachella 2014

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in vivo 012: Essential Coachella 2014
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Bennett Waxse

Finally, it's almost time to go back. With Coachella less than a month away, here we are with another Essential Coachella edition of in vivo.

With this mix, I dug through over 3GB of music and I've attempted to stay true to the Coachella mentality that genre restriction is no way to throw a festival. As you move section to section throughout this 3-hour mix, picture yourself walking through the festival gates, strolling to Mohave, stopping by Gobi, visiting Coachella stage, riding the ferris wheel, following giant snails and doing whatever else you prefer to do over the three glorious days in April.

Whether you're psyching up for the desert or you just want to enjoy some of today's freshest tracks, I hope you enjoy the mix! Play it loudly and perhaps I'll even see you at car camping in a few weeks...

I've also cut 6 mashups from the mix and they're available here:


Playing tracks by Lorde, Flight Facilitites, Disclosure, Holy Ghost!, Chromeo and more.



I surprised my girlfriend (now wife) with this mix for our drive out to the desert for Coachella. It was a hit! I played it for our group of friends at the house the entire weekend. Now that we're all parents, someone invariably requests "that one mix" to take us back to Coachella. I know it was a lot of work for you to make this, and we're all at different points in life, I just wanted to let you know you touched a lot of people with this, and still do to this day. Cheers.


Lots of fun here! Thank you

Mike Adam

fantastic. i need to DL this!

Anthony Lo

Really enjoyed your take on it, a great range of tunes that kept my interest through and through!