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  • 2 years ago
American Panther Pavle Punch Stanimirovic tells of heists gone bad and when he was kidnapped

American Panther Pavle Punch Stanimirovic tells of heists gone bad and when he was kidnapped

I was the youngest and highest-ranking member of what some folks called The Serbian Mafia.
I was a criminal. A thief, a burglar, Why? Oh, for God’s sake. You really want to know?
I never aspired to the title of America’s Gem Heist Mastermind or fame as the greatest thief ever to loot the coffers of other criminals. Criminality was a detour. A lengthy one, but a detour none-the-less.
I stole three hundred million dollars in gems, cash, and designer clothes, all of it fully insured, and more often than not, the victims were not victims. They were cooperating companies who wanted a robbery, and corporations so wealthy that they considered my robberies as a deductible business expense leading to a profit when the insurance paid. Even the cops benefited from my exploits. I always made sure to litter the floor with enough diamonds to put a smile on any arriving officer’s face.


Pavle Stanimirovic

Thank you so much " Shiela Robinson " I pray that many others will share the same enthusiasm and if you truly enjoyed listening to the show . I THANK YOU FOR TUNING In Outlaw Radio True Crime Show. I like all those guys and they are a great bunch of Radio Talent. I myself am moving to (LA) soon and hoping that you stay tuned what is to come , I could assure you if you enjoyed what the Heist is about and non violent crimes that I mastered believe me please I found tremendous satisfaction robbing and Stealing Manhattan ! Burl Barer will certainly make sure it will get the response and attention we want !
Thank you so much " Shiela Robinson " you are highly appreciated and wish there was more good people like yourself in this world , I can only promise to keep you posted with new work, I am greatful and would like our efforts to prevail eventually for a cause and not a because .

Shiela Robinson

Punch is a good dude. Brimming with information 😊

Shiela Robinson

Gotta say I respect a criminal who won't hurt people and rob/heist insured businesses. I enjoyed the interview

Shiela Robinson

Leaving behind 16,000,000 would nag me too lol! That's if I was a thief