PAS No Dough Music Podcast

PAS No Dough Music Podcast

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PAS No Dough Music Podcast
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Paul Anthony Smith aka PAS has been a friend of ours for a very long time, in fact we´ll let you in to a little secret – this guy gave one of our artists his very first DJ lessons way back when! Can you guess? ...This half French half Funk maestro has always expressed an eclectic style in his sets, ever since he began the art of DJing in about 1994. If there was a party in town it was pretty much guaranteed he was playing, and it's a real pleasure to have him here on our Podcast series. An hour long mix of disco-house-funk-electronica to fill anyone's boots. HERE WE GO!


Playing tracks by Caribou, Dam, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Flying Lotus, White Label and more.