The world is on fire

The world is on fire

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The world is on fire
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Bernardo Troux

The world is on fire. Idiotism is rising worldwide, pushing us back to ages that were definitively not the "good old ones"...

Section B - The World is on fire
Propergol - Outburst
Objekt/Urian - This is the price we have to pay
Thorofon - Troopers Playground
Predominance - To tame a land
Obsessive Discipline - Waterboard
SPK - wars of islam
Coph Nia - holy war
In Slaughter Natives - death, just only death
Deutsch Nepal - we are all prostitutes
Amie Marie - wir sind zufrieden (=we are satisfied)
Die Goldenen Zitronen - weil wir einverstanden sind (=because we agree)
Der Liederkranz - eine neue Zeit (=a new era)
Béruriers Noir - Salut à toi (=solidary greetings)
Militia - Michael Bakunin
Beinhaus - wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte (=if I could wish for something)


Playing tracks by Section B, Propergol, Objekt/Urian, Thorofon, Predominance and more.

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Matthias Heilmann


Bernardo Troux



unfortunately you are right with the title :(
Great set though, my discovery of the set was the Arnie Marie track.

Bernardo Troux

Yes - "interesting times" nowadays... Glad you've liked the set anyway.

When you check Ami Marie, also try to get the tracks "Reisen" and "Zartbitter" ;-)