2020 Is done Brothas 5th Dimension Cast

2020 Is done Brothas 5th Dimension Cast

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2020 Is done Brothas 5th Dimension Cast
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Funky Wednesdays

What's going down all you Funky people! We've been silent for a while.....but we are back at it.

After missing out on 3 shows in a row this one will cover a big part of music I was about to play.....but couldn't ..... It's 2020....what a BASTARD of a year it was :-) haaaahahahahaa

I'll call it Twenty from now on....Twenty was thinking it will get us.... lock us up... put us to stress and shit like that. But Twenty is forgetting something....you can't stop us.... because we are in 5th dimension :-)

And that is what you get.... funky grooves from 5th dimension.

Twenty, you bastard....we are done with you!

Brotha signing out!


Playing tracks by MXXWLL & Kaiit, Kooley High, Flamingosis, Edwin Starr, Le Maestro, K and more.