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Dubcast Vol.08 (DJ Madd Riddim Special)

Dubcast Vol.08 (DJ Madd Riddim Special)

Chart positions

This show was 2nd in the global dub chart, 2nd in the global reggae chart and 2nd in the global dancehall chart.

A special edition of Dubcast mix series by DJ Madd who celebrates the release of the first Riddim double 7" on Dub-Stuy with an all riddim mix featuring classics from the longstanding Jamaican tradition. DJ Madd's 2016 update of King Jammy's classic Punanny riddim is out now featuring vocals from Turbulence, Miss Red, Mikey General, and Kurry Stain


Jannis Jungbrunnen

Cool. I like it. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie Barker


Tw Alan Chen

2016 Doodle 水果遊戲 第十七天


我叫Alan... 更多

Hello there
I am Taiwanese Tsai
My name is Alan...

切換至中文(繁體)關閉全螢幕Hello there
I am Taiwanese Tsai
My name is Alan
See your article and musical works
Makes me happy
Since 2015 I started my own music
Because in my life there have been two major events
Music is my daily work without pay
Because I was using my music in mood than narrative
When I slowly fell in love with the music
I began trying to create new life
Because the music alive
Nature, industry, too, because I was yesterday at the community website published a research report related to the free music tool,
Rubber band
This reminds me of my musical development to the ultimate goal in life
Is to make every child to have the same dream
Among some young people I met
Has a dream but the truth Oh
Of course I treat my mood
Recently because of some contractual issues
So I can not leave the music
Until a friend said he needed to pay for the signing of cooperation are not signed
I did not know the reason
Thank you for letting me voice
But I am very confident
I just English culture
Music device settings after use
I can create record
That is what I did not go to work because the music
Let me say here
Thank you for this person to show off now
Have the opportunity to hope
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Rory Dean
Rory Dean

Yeah, yes, ya, right on....diggin' in and vibin' my Friday away. Thanks!!