Guest Intermix w. Ahmet Gunes ( )

Guest Intermix w. Ahmet Gunes ( )

11 years ago
Guest Intermix w. Ahmet Gunes ( )
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It's a big pleasure for me to welcome Ahmet Gunes, one of the best taste-makers from Turkey !

The ingredients in my guest intermixes are perfect sounds, an easy chilled flow, and a short chat talking about the music.

First, Ahmet's special selection for break'n'chill is mixed with my own selections back-to-back.
His selection includes: BiggaBush / Palov / Souleance / Cuefx Band / Mr Scruff & Alice Russell / Quantic / Seelenluft / B.Visible

Then, we talk about about his radio show, his influences, how he finds the right tunes, recent favorites, Quantic (of course:) ) and more! Please pardon the low quality of the recording of he conversation. Remember the 9000km / 5500miles in between on a simple Skype recording session :)

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The mix, without the interview and ready for download, is available for a limited time at ! Go grab it for your future listening pleasure!


Playing tracks by BiggaBush , Waldeck, Palov, Nouvelle Vague, Souleance and more.