VINTAGE STYLES - Breakin Bread At The Blues Kitchen

VINTAGE STYLES - Breakin Bread At The Blues Kitchen

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VINTAGE STYLES - Breakin Bread At The Blues Kitchen
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We've been asked alot recently to post up a mix of the sort of stuff we play at our residency at The Blues Kitchen in Camden Town London so here you go. We dont play much hip hop based music down there as it doesnt fit the crowd so this is a selection of the sounds you'll hear....vintage music all the way. Soul, Funk, Jazz, Latin and Jukebox Tittyshakin R&B is what we fitted on this mix. We also drop some b-boy breaks and disco down there and the combo is enough to fill the dancefloor every time! For info on our next nights check here
If you ever make it to London, we hope to see you on the floor!


Playing tracks by The Darling Dears, Mamie Perry, Brother Woodman and The Chanters, Transgressors, Round Robin Monopoly and more.



U've put a smile upon my face, thanks for the good taste ;)



Matt Renton

great set..."hey ya" took me by surprise at the end there, ha! nice


Funky stuff, I'm going to be hunting some of these tunes down, cheers!

beeman [beeaudiophile]

Never heard Up From The South by Budos Band, but NICE selection....

beeman [beeaudiophile]

Mmmm, Round Robin Monopoly. This selection is right up my funky street! Thanks for the up...

cacao chaos is FAT

Like your selection

Culture Cuts

cant quite get over this, we talk a lot about how we see parallels on mixcloud, people feeling the same things at the same times, but this is next level... we celebrating our first year at the Blues Kitchen tomorrow if your around, cheers

Culture Cuts

haha crazy we did exactly the same concept for mix this week
(yesterday we uploaded?!? interconnecting thoughts flowing through us musically minded folk)...