Vintage Sounds New Pressings

Vintage Sounds New Pressings

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Vintage Sounds New Pressings
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Breakin Bread

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Who doesn't love a bit of 7" vinyl? We certainly do and we buy far too many of them. Skeg built a new 7"s shelf lately and realised there was loads of stuff pressed in the last few months that hadn't been spun on the show. So what you've got here is the best Soul, Funk, R&B and Hip Hop thats had some lovely label press it up on vinyl. In this digital age all the labels still putting out 7's deserve a big shout! Props to all the people buying vinyl and keeping the art of putting a record on the decks alive! Support……..


Playing tracks by African Souls, Diaszpora, Kool Men & Diamond T, The Soul Investigators, Freddie Mitchell and more.



Love the mix

Breakin Bread

Hey Richard, yup I agree with that. I wouldnt have half of these tunes if I had held out for originals I wouldnt have half of the tunes for this show

Richard Saysell

As a collector, I used to hate reissues but you've just got to embrace it. This shows how brilliant they are. Love it. Thanks

Richard Saysell

Love that popcorn sound at the moment

GaryOliver 'theCiscokid

Shuuuuuuuurrrrrrrreeeeee Bloody!!

Chino Alberto Samuela

. . . B R I N G' N | I T' . . . ~


Insane what a start to 2013! thanks BB chaps


Great tunes on here, all the better for being on 7"! I forgot I've got that Savannahstan track myself - must dig it out. cheers!


nothing like it!


Dude, thank you so much for this mix. Just turned my entire day around.