Ritmos Latinos Part 3 -  Chris Read

Ritmos Latinos Part 3 - Chris Read

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Ritmos Latinos Part 3 -  Chris Read
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Chris Read has just released his 3rd single on Breakin Bread and to celebrate he's done us this little guest mix to accompany the single. Both sides from the 45rpm 7" wax are here alongside some other new and old bits and pieces of a similar style: Samba, Bossa, Cumbia, Boogaloo and more, all from a modern producer's perspective. We hope you enjoy, this is sure to brighten up the Northern Hemisphere winter…

For more info on the single go here http://www.breakinbread.org/bnb076.htm
Fore more info on Chris Read check his site http://www.musicofsubstance.com

Dope artwork by Leroy Knockolds


Playing tracks by DJ Zeph, Les Kings, Suonho, Una Mas Trio, Greenwood Rhythm Coalition and more.



slick biz

slick normal

shimmy on down

David Robert Martin

nice mix

Josh Nickelz

Beautiful mix.