Kazahaya Soul On Galaxy

Kazahaya Soul On Galaxy

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Kazahaya Soul On Galaxy
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This month we’ve got a special feature from Breakin Breads Japanese arm. Kazahaya began his music career as a DJ in 1994 and started Beat Making in 1999. His style is that classic boom bap to make you shake your ass on the dancefloor. He self released a number of 12"s and mix CD's until he came to the attention of Breakin Bread with a stunning 12” Remember Hip Hop in 2009. We put a European version of this out in 2010 and it quickly became one of our bestsellers and has long been out of print.
This mix celebrates new Kazahaya music coming out on Breakin Bread in 2012. We’ve got a series of 7”s coming from the man and to show you how deep he is we’ve posted up this incredible mix of soul, funk, beats and hip hop that Kaza put out in 2009. This is an all vinyl mix showing that the man deserves to be up there with some of the worlds best
For more info on Kazahya check http://www.facebook.com/#!/kazahayajp
For Kazahayas new 7” release check http://www.breakinbread.org/bnb070.htm


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Baz Hickey


Peter Slater

love the 'i changed my mind' remix...


sick... serious collection...


Nice cuts

Marcus Lew

Hey is it possible to get a tracklist? with the artist names I mean. Great playlist by the way!


Love it all..perfecto :)


This is diddy diddy dope