DJ Moneyshot & Skeg - This Mix is Jumping Off!

DJ Moneyshot & Skeg - This Mix is Jumping Off!

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DJ Moneyshot & Skeg - This Mix is Jumping Off!
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Our boy DJ Moneyshot is back “once again” for some more Breakin Bread action. This time he’s letting us indulge in some our love of some big beat action from yesteryear with an up to the minute twist. Yes, the man from The Allergies is here with a supercharged new mixtape, showcasing their next single, 'Jumping Off'. As the track is a full-throttle big beat banger, he's put together a storming set of mid-nineties club smashers to give it the right context.

Over 45 minutes he cuts up block-rocking beats from the likes of Wiseguys, Freestylers, Hardnox, and Mekon, along with plenty of other b-boy basslines, bonkers breakdowns, and re-sampled rap hooks galore. Hype! Skeg joins the party with some of his favourite big beats!

The Allergies – 'Jumping Off' is available digitally and on a limited edition 45 via Jalapeno Records.


Playing tracks by Freestylers feat Tenor Fly, London Funk Allstars, Chemical Brothers, DJ MONEYSHOT MIXTAPE, Deejay Punk Roc and more.

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DJ Simon C

This brought back many happy memories of nights out at the Beach Club and Funky Buddha Lounge.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧


Yes mate, same as. used to throw down at the Zap(when it was that). Had a monthly at The Green House/Hove, in their basement. For about five years(2005-10). Proper sweatbox, just a red light, and a vibe. King Bee every gig. Best days, big up.


(And who can forget the 'Funky Fish'. Always end up there, after getting knocked back by the majors, but it was meant to be. Some of the best nights for me).

The Allergies
Zoltan Csaki

So many memories 😍


This is fire! Loving it.

45 Day

Great show and superb mix. Big up Moneyshot.


This is amazing- that 'Everybody needs 303' has just kicked in and I'm samba-ing around the studio on my own.

Jamez Gant

DJ Moneyshot on point 🔥🔥👊🏻

Wilsonly (Funktimz)

Love this mix. Motivating me on my morning cycle around tenerife in the sun!


Another absolute monster mix by $shot!

Vinyl Matt Emulsion

Taking me back mate! This is the real deal! Love it. Couldn’t be more impressed if you brought back ‘Boon’ as a tv show AND musical stage production. Seriously tho, bring back ‘Boon’ yeah? Big love as always.

DJ Moneyshot


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