DJ MONEYSHOT - Dollar Dollar Bin Y'All!

DJ MONEYSHOT - Dollar Dollar Bin Y'All!

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DJ MONEYSHOT - Dollar Dollar Bin Y'All!
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We’re more than happy to welcome DJ Moneyshot from The Allergies back into the guest mix seat. This man has got the skills to pay the bills and then some and this time round he’s gone off piste to select killer hour of breaks, funk, soul and disco, from artists far more known for their pop cheese than their dope sample fodder. Expect Dolly Parton gettin' funky, Barry Manilow strutting it up, tough drums from ABBA, dancefloor soul from a pre-Kung Fu Fighting Carl Douglas, and the illlest percussion break from just Good Friends TV star, Paul Nicholas. To put together a mix like this shows serious digging skills. Its not hard to find Pound Shop funk and charity shop breaks but it is hard to find dope ones! Going out to all those digging in the charity shop bargain bins, you'll be knocked out with this one. Dollar dollar bin, y'all!"


Playing tracks by The Eagles, Three Dog Night, Manfred Mann, Everly Brothers, The Small Faces and more.

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Declan Fitzmaurice

Nice one Moneyshot, great mix, greetings from Belfast again..

Sam Tweaks

Super hot sir - I doth my flat cap



You got some funky cuts. Was wondering, where is the playlist! I'd like to check what you've digged. :-)

Peace, Sandi

Eddy Scissorhands

Looooovin this mix! Especially that juggle at 47 mins...sounds like a sped up version of the bass line from Cypress Hill's Real Estate, soooo dope. Moneyshot's gettin all Tony Alvon on our ass! Fine, fiiiine work Sir.

DJ Moneyshot

Ha. It does. Sexy Coffee Pot vibes, for sure.

DJ Hudson

Round of applause to Moneyshot for this one! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

DJ Moneyshot

I'll take it!





DJ ReadyBreak

damn that's some proper dusty finger goodness!

DJ Moneyshot


The Allergies

This is how we do. Big ups to all Breakin Bread crew and fans x