Diggin In The Crates October 2012

Diggin In The Crates October 2012

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Diggin In The Crates October 2012
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Skeg gets busy in his crates once again after moving house and discovering a few long lost recesses of his record collection. This as far from genre specific as you can get as Skeg goes from disco to soul to cut n paste via a mash up or two and some bad ass beatsy numbers. This sums up Breakin Bread, a little bit of everything in the pot and the final result comes out funky and then some! ENJOY!


Playing tracks by Bt express, Ben Westbeech, Myron & E and The Soul Investigators, The Olympics, T Cee Lo And The Bricklayers and more.



"Hear my heart beatin, Hear my heart heatin!" awesome :D


"I'll Do A Bit More" is righteous! Different sound, but same ideas as Buddy Mile's "Take It Off HIm" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDaCtZm-gbc

Isaac Peces

Groove for the dancefloor!!

Dad La Soul

so damn funky..perfect afternoon listening .

Mark Robb

modtastic start !! great tracks!! cheers!

Breakin Bread

our shows are always available for download on itunes https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-breakin-bread-radio-show/id281023391?mt=2

Breakin Bread

yup one of the benefits of moving is you get to put records that aint been touched for years in boxes! but unpacking them later is the problem! still doing that so expect another of these shows at some point....SKEG


Wish I found stuff like this whenever I moved! Great selection of tunes, cheers!