BREAKS N BEATS - BNB meets Skyline Records

BREAKS N BEATS - BNB meets Skyline Records

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BREAKS N BEATS - BNB meets Skyline Records
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Malachi Trout aka The Flying Fish from Skyline Records visited Skeg recently and asked if he could play some breaks from his 7" crate. Now that is the sort of thing the Breakin Bread crew cant resist so we dug deep into our crates and went for a breaks and beats fest. From classic funk via b-boy breaks, a touch of jazz and an excursion into latin breaks we ended up in a bit of hip hop. All breaks heavy this reminds us of the early days of Breakin Bread. ENJOY!


Playing tracks by Strawberry Soul, Arp Life, 21 GUITARS, MICHAEL OLATUNJI, Edwin Daugherty and more.



solid selection! thanks!


Love this mix mate ! Great choice of songs

Dont Biterecords

great is Tom Dice rather han Tom Dyce..big up