These values give an idea of what is important to us as a team. They describe how we operate, how we treat each other and the community that call Mixcloud home.

by humans

Inspired by the creativity that goes into every mix, track, radio show and live stream, a genuine love of what we do runs through our brand expression.

We celebrate the individuality and imperfections found within content created and curated by people, not algorithms, and bring that real element to our own output. Even as a digital platform, there is a human touch to all parts of the experience. 

Embedded in
music culture

Mixcloud has been built and designed by people who care about the scenes and communities we host.

This is shown through a fair representation of the styles, aesthetics and trends surrounding the cultures that call Mixcloud home.

grass roots

Mixcloud creates a space for global communities and scenes of all sizes to grow and flourish. Since building a bootstrapped platform of over 20 million users, we understand the ethos of DIY and celebrate this through how we express ourselves as a brand.

Doing the
right thing

The foundations of Mixcloud were built to last, with sustainability at its core from day one when we were the first music platform to secure the necessary licences to enable full creative autonomy.

We respect and support creators, giving them the space to present their stories freely and sustain their passion. 

Championing diversity

Mixcloud cares about creating a platform of diverse genres, communities, scenes, locations, ethnicities, age groups, gender groups and sexuality types.

As within the company, we aim to create an inclusive space where people are free to express themselves and grow.