From April 1st, 2020 onwards: ELECTRONIC FUSION SELECT. On Mixcloud only.

1 year ago

ELECTRONIC FUSION is a weekly radio show of 2 hours, broadcast by Modul303 from Germany, Krypton Radio from the USA, Radio Dark Tunnel from Germany and West Star Radio from the UK.

The show took off with episode #1 on 18 September 2015.

Radio show ELECTRONIC FUSION has become a true gold mine of contemporary electronic music. ELECTRONIC FUSION is solely dedicated to electronic music of various styles, such as: downtempo, chillout, space, ambient, atmospheric and Berlin School.

After the final broadcast of an episode, the show gets published here on Mixcloud.

As a Mixcloud Select subscriber to the Mixcloud channel ELECTRONIC FUSION you can enjoy extra benefits whereas free listeners cannot. See:

From April 1st, 2020 onwards, another benefit will be added:


Exclusively for the subscribers of the Mixcloud channel ELECTRONIC FUSION, an extra edition of ELECTRONIC FUSION will be released every 14 days: ELECTRONIC FUSION SELECT. On Mixcloud only.

The 2-hour releases of ELECTRONIC FUSION SELECT feature 1 or 2 artists only, in one long mix. You will not be bothered by advertisements and spoken words. The tracklists with cumulative timestamps will be provided.

ELECTRONIC FUSION SELECT will not be broadcast by any radio station and is only available to the Select subscribers of ELECTRONIC FUSION.

Gotten curious? Subscribe to the Mixcloud channel ELECTRONIC FUSION and have it all!

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