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THE LIFE-CODING SYSTEM : Hack your brain, rewrite your life.

THE LIFE-CODING SYSTEM : Hack your brain, rewrite your life.

Life-Coding is a system that utilizes multiple platforms of our very core being. From the day you were born until now, you have been a 'life-programmer' ; a computer programmer uses very specific coding to create software, and we use our beliefs derived from our five senses to write our coding. All of this coding remains in our brains, filed away just like your computer or smartphone files away your photos or music. Each experience you have throughout your life is recorded in brain cells, and the brain cells that fire the most are the ones fueling our habits in life. A habit is a specific coding you wrote which supports you making that habit happen.

If you suffer from your past, it's because you have coding in your brain that's now faulty. If you have resentment issues, it's because you likely have some forgiving to do - at least letting go of something. The 'Resentment' File located in your brain is destructive by nature - not a good file to keep opening. 

Using our multiple platfor