Synthentral 20170503

Synthentral 20170503

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Synthentral 20170503

Welcome to Synthenttral!

Why do I do this? With the hope of introducing you to synth-based music: old & new. Give the bands a listen. If you like what you hear go and pay for their album and support the bands!

Today's episode features music by SEADRAKE, Sector-Hate, Neuroactive, Julien-K, Signal Aout 42, Cynical Existence, Accessory, Zedna, Trevor Something, Belanova, Marina Siertis, Blue Birds Refuse To Fly, Fantasy Mirrors, Loomec, Lakeside X, Dive, Blue October UK, ALTWAVE, reADJUST, The Whip, Necro Facility, Subimage, LARVA, Days Of Fate, Apollo Zapp, KieTheVez, and John Foxx

Synth-based genres you may hear:
Futurepop, Synthpop, EBM, Industrial, Synthwave, Industrial Dance, Electroclash, New Wave, New Romantic, Postpunk, Coldwave, Electro, Chiptune, New Beat, Dream Pop, Chillwave, Indietronica, Krautrock, Electropunk, Synthpunk, Italo Disco, Minimal Synthpop, Hi-NRG, Eurobeat, Chamber Pop, and Aggrotech (to name a few).


Playing tracks by Blair Scott, SEADRAKE, Sector-Hate, Neuroactive, Julien-K and more.

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    41st in the industrial Chart



I do not see a "Show Tracklist" option on the page (in Chrome), but found it in the iOS app - you have to be "in" the mix, where it's in "full screen player" mode, and the vertical ellipses box provides the option. In iOS app if you're in the show info page, that option doesn't seem to appear anywhere, including the vertical ellipses box there.


Playlist so we can find the music to buy?

Synthentral (Blair Scott)

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