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104 - The Real Death Panels

104 - The Real Death Panels

The GOP Senate Bill will ultimately cause 23Million American's, many of which are African American, to lose their healthcare insurance, not in the name of better insurance, but in the name of $600 Billion in tax cuts for the wealthiest people in America. More than 400 of the riches families in America will get $7Million per year in an epic illustration of a transfer of wealth; while the most vulnerable and the sickest of Americans, the elderly, disabled, poor, and black, will lost the only healthcare coverage that they had ever had, the Affordable Care Act. Thirteen rich white men, have decided what our nations healthcare will be for 350 Million Americans; one-sixth of our nations economy. And they did it without any input from women, disabled, or any one of color. Thirteen, decided for America, and Black America was never represented. My guests, Rebekah Caruthers, Alisa Hughley, and Marlon Jackson discuss the impact of healthcare on the Black community.