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Wake up with Swans

Wake up with Swans



And of course, there is Michael Gira himself. A man of absolute and utter belief in his mission to tell us, each of us, individually if need be, that we are the cursed and damned children of an unforgiving and intemperate God.

Extended version of a previous "special"
First broadcast on Basic FM August 2013


The Unforgiven

shocked because i sold yesterday all 3 full albums for 120 euro and i still dunno if the money will take away the pain in the centre of my heart ,..


well that's a fair price you got, but i know how you feel, i've sold thousand of records in the past, impossible not to regret some choices but sometimes you gotta eat..

The Unforgiven

i recognize that too , but back then i did sell so i could buy other stuff , in a rush , for little
now today i put up a discogs account which i should have done 15 years ago , now people come to me and i have some more control myself ,
yes , a very fair price , swans / world of skin stuff is hard to get or expensive or old quality
i immediately boughthis one back to ease the pain ;


ah, children of god, big favourite here

The Unforgiven

truth = you shock me w this mix ,...



John Hartmann

In The Eyes of Nature, that's how I want to live.


01.Her Mouth Is Filled With Honey
02.She Lives
03.My Birth
04.Love Will Save You
06.I Crawled
07.Look At Me Go (Excrpt)
08.Ich Sehe Die Alle In Einer Reihe
09.Killing For Company
10.Blood Promise
11.New Mind
12.I Am The Sun
13.Minus Something
14.Inside Madeline
16.You Know Everything
18.The Beautiful Days
20.The Seer Returns
21.Beautiful Child
22.Eden Prison
23.Like A Drug ( Sha La La )
24.God Damn The Sun

The Unforgiven

i can see you used the albums w the rabbits on the front , i had the box once with the two albums ;
it helps me by talking about it (the past) and by listening to this , whatheck , they were to dark for me anyways $#%#$