Mark Guiliana Quartet (18-11-2017)

Mark Guiliana Quartet (18-11-2017)

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Mark Guiliana Quartet (18-11-2017)

Mark Guiliana drums/composition, Jason Rigby saxophone, Fabian Almazan piano, Chris Morrissey bass
Mark Guiliana has gained an impressive reputation as a drummer who knows his way around hard bop as well as new beats from hip-hop and electronic dance music. he played an important part in the making of David Bowie’s album Blackstar and he formed the electro/jazz duo Mehliana with Brad Mehldau. The American drummer paid his dues in the band of celebrated double bassist Avishai Cohen. Now he will present original compositions in his Mark Guiliana Quartet.
Presentation: Vera Vingerhoeds
Recording: Micha de Kanter


Jan-Willem Van Ewijk

Thank you for uploading this new version! I love the amazing climax of Long Branch at 2:40:18 It nearly knocked me off my seat that night. What a show!!