Gerri Jaeger Carte Blanche (22-11-2017)

Gerri Jaeger Carte Blanche (22-11-2017)

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Gerri Jaeger Carte Blanche (22-11-2017)

Carte Blanche Geri Jaeger

Sofia Jernberg vocals/samples, Joachim Badenhorst tenorsaxophome/(bass)clarinet, Raphael Vanoli guitar, Petter Eldh electric-bass/MPC, Giray Gürkal guitar, Frank Rosaly drums/electronics, Gerri Jäger drums/electronics/compositions

Gerri Jäger is best known from the band Knalpot, infiltrating the Amsterdam underground as well as the European festivals with ‘raw electronics, wild improv and danceable dub’ (de Volkskrant). Following his conservatory studies in Amsterdam, the Austrian-born drummer immersed himself in experimental music, combining his drums with the kind of gear mostly associated with DJ’s. For this carte blanche concert at the BIMHUIS he teams up with his Knalpot partner Raphael Vanoli, forming a line-up with excellent international avant-jazz musicians.

‘Gerri Jäger is one of a kind, an incredibly flexible drummer, interested in shifting musical boundaries’ (Vera Vingerhoeds).

Presentation: Koen Schouten
Recording: Jurre Wieman

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