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Cocteau Twins, Neil Young, Bulgarian State Television Female Choir, Operation Ivy, Sherban Lupu and more.

This months mix comes courtesy of Michi. Here's what she had to say about it:

I decided to make this a mix about where I came from. These songs have all played an important part in making me who I am. There are so, so many more, but this will do for now. Hope you like them.
See below comments for her track by track analysis.


Gail Jeans

a Pandora's mix of tracks my first love is classical - love Tiny Geometries & track 25 - not forgetting Liz Frazer


Great... can't miss with a beginning like this one !!!

bigo & twigetti

Michi's comments part II:

6. D'Angelo: Africa
- I know I keep saying everything is "the most beautiful song ever" but this might be IT it. D'Angelo is a genius and that's all there is to it. And the production is mind-blowing. This song is made out of stardust. I'm glad that D'Angelo has stopped smoking stardust. I'm glad he's back.

7. Ray Lynch: Tiny Geometries
- Yes. New Age. I'm not ashamed. I've been listening to Ray Lynch since I was like 10. I loved the texture of this song, and I think it has probably creeped into my writing style a little bit!

8. New Order: Bizarre Love Triangle
- Because the rest of the mix is a bit dark, because this song got me out of bed and to high school every morning, and because I love New Order.

9. This Mortal Coil: I Want to Live
- This band was kind of a temporary but magical collaboration between some bands (including Cocteau Twins) signed to the British label 4AD. This song has always been immensely powerful and beautiful and important to me.

10. Sonata Representativa: Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber. Performed by Andrew Manze, violinist.
- It's difficult to incorporate classical music into a mix because it throws the whole timing off. So I just stuck it on here at the end like a tail. It's ridiculous that I've chosen only one piece out of billions of amazing pieces, but here it is. By Biber, a visionary, one of my top faves, alive and kicking almost 100 years before Bach. And then there's Andrew Manze, my favorite violinist. He's a musical sculptor and a deep thinker. I find his Baroque interpretations rebellious and progressive, but at the same time it's the most authentic, vibrant period-playing ever. This leads me to the conclusion that at some point in time, Baroque music felt rebellious and progressive. That is exciting and interesting. And then there's animals, the subject of this piece, and I love animals. A lot. Even though I eat them.

bigo & twigetti

Michi's comments:

1. Cocteau Twins: Ivo
- Basically just one of the most beautiful songs ever made which I've loved from a young age. When I listen to it, I can't do anything else, I just have to sit back and be absorbed.

2. Neil Young: I Believe in You
- It is impossible to choose just one Neil Young song, but here it is, today's choice. When I hear Neil Young I feel like I'm home. He navigates an intense and beautiful space where great vulnerability and great strength overlap.

3. Bulgarian State Television Female Choir: Dragana I Slavei
- The music-making in this choir is a force to be reckoned with. This song in particular is devastatingly beautiful, and has been an active part of my life since my early teens.

4. Operation Ivy: Unity
- Op Ivy was a beloved west coast ska punk band that I was obsessed with in the 90's. They had a leftist message, and provided me with a musical outlet for my growing awareness of (and anger with) the injustices and inequalities of our society and our world. I didn't include songs by them, but I must acknowledge Consolidated and Fugazi, two bands that had a similarly powerful impact on me in my formative years.

5. Sherban Lupu - Track 25
- I don't know the name of this track, just the number. I am obsessed with it. I don't know what to do with the fact that this guy, a Rumanian virtuoso, is AROUND, like teaching at a univeristy in Illinois. Just listen to this. It will break your heart... in a good way.